Marriage & Boundaries (Part 3)

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Poetry
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(I happen to be smitten over Jennifer, and Bradley is for all the women out there, and Jennifer too)

There is a sensual vein to this writing so, children please stay away …

I continue to be humbled by the activities on this site. Even though it is meant to be my area to share my provocative notions, I am delightfully impressed by the language and articulation of beautiful erotica in your words. The writings here do indeed make me feel like a child amongst masters. At the same time, what I encounter here, and I generally seek only the erotica & poetry of writings, helps me to process who I am and what my motivations really are. I do know for sure I am a married man, who is soul-searching one might say, and has felt a need to express that in his writing. At the same time, he has found that avenue and continues to be placed in a position of reflection, when he reads other people’s stories and fictional adaptation to real life scenarios.

An interesting thing happened in my marriage yesterday, to get to the core of today’s epiphany of sorts. I came home from work to find my wife in a rather negative state of mind. This can be frequent but this one was a bit telling, the sort that if a phone call was made a few minutes before getting home I might have re-routed myself for an hour, given the tone I received from her on the other end. Nonetheless here I was with a frantic and tired wife, a sink full of dishes, a dog limping from a step in thistles, the house in disarray, and her spilling a $22 dollar bowl of fruit all over the counter, with portions dropping to the floor. I quickly swept up the most on the counter with my fingertips tossing it back into the bowl while she raged that the counter was unclean. She then picked up a few pieces off the floor and proceeded to try to place them in an over-flowing garbage container. So, you get the idea? Well, here’s where I am going. Instead of stepping away and losing myself in the laptop on the couch, which is an easy out for me, I stepped behind my wife, and placed my hands on her breasts pulling her toward me, and beginning a steady caress of her breasts in my cupped hands while she continued to complain of the current state of events. Gradually as my hands firmly played her, feeling her nipples rise in my palms, which surely stirred me, i moved in against her ass and my erection became apparent while I continued working her breasts, now my mouth moving to her neck and playing her needy skin. The conversation from there waned and her disgruntled manner turned soft and rather rambling. We chuckled immediately, left our state of mind behind us and enjoyed an intimate moment that has been rare …

I leave at this point because I need to assure everyone here that this was a learning experience for me and possibly far more than the actual potential for love-making. That will come in time, I am quite confident. In fact, next week we go into the woods for 6 days, our annual trek away from concrete, and I anticipate much rekindling will occur around a wood stove and wilderness. There will be some writing, but no ability to post on a nightly basis. More importantly, I discovered that instinctual passion delivered in a spontaneous manner became a form of communication in the sweet veil of support, something that helped alter my wife’s state of mind, and eased her into a more relaxing evening. To be honest I believe she might have discreetly moved herself upstairs and finished that fleeting passion in her own hidden manner. To me, that’s ok, that is part of what we are fixing as we move 1/2 way through our third decade of marriage. We will find that connection more in the weeks to come, but what is important again, is I am recognizing a new method of communication, intimacy that will help bring us closer sexually again, something needed. Though I would love my wife to turn around and ‘start me up’ in the moment, right now just doing something that helps her know I love her and keep that connection moving forward means the world to me.

I believe strongly that these words I share with you are a direct result of the close communication I am beginning to feel with these writings and the people I encounter who are both flattering my own words, and flooring me with your own beautiful and poignant, sensual and arousing, words and dialogue that keep me in a sometimes constant state of er, ah, titillation we will go with.

Have a wonderful day, and hug someone, I mean, really make that moment what you certainly desire in the back of your mind, but sometime restrain for reasons you cannot even explain. Take care. and thank you!

  1. Jamila says:

    This is Beauty! So honest and pure and a perfect read right before my bedtime. Thank you to you and your wife for true poetic living. ❤️💋

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  2. SUPERB!!!! Well played sir, well played indeed. Your choice in that moment meant the world to her, I guarantee it. I am impressed and that does not happen often!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How wonderful. Sometimes the littlest acknowledgement is all it takes to make us (women) feel sexy and desired again. I bet she is reliving that erotic touch today.

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  4. You are uplifting in your shift, to do something you usually would not have done and turned around your wife’s (and your) evening. You wrote that you were inspired to act spontaneously by your blog and by reading other blogs. Maybe, in turn, you will inspire your wife to act spontaneously. She may just “start you up” in the moment. I hope you two make many connections over your steak dinner, and during your wilderness trip.


  5. Wet Bliss says:

    No hurry? You tell me no hurry, when you should have said, “Go read part 3 now!” Pfft This is awesome, I’m so happy for you and this breakthrough moment! Congratulations and may you two have meaningful conversation that tells her in no uncertain terms what YOU want and need for true satisfaction… I hop you to can let your guards down and trust in the 30 years you’ve built built and evolve.


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