Dark Shadows

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Poetry
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Is my poetry dark

or am I fooling myself.

I sometimes wonder if I am diving in too deep

or still playing in the kiddie pool.

Oh my God, that sounds so trite

and maybe, perhaps it is.


I know the moments

when the shadows are nearby

that’s when my skin begins to sweat

my eyes lose their focus

and everyone around me seems to have

agendas about me.

I call those dark … moments.


Today I am searching

a pleasant day,

a good energy day

everyone around me is smiling,

wouldn’t have a clue what I am doing

doesn’t really matter

because frankly we’re not really supposed

to be caring about each other

in a public cafe

where everyone is doing their own thing

without a desire to be bothered

by everyone else’s



They do have a way of creeping back in,

a certain glance

a shift in body language

sending out negative signals

suggesting yes, indeed, you’r right,

that notion in your head is spot on.


When we can define the world around us

we find a much easier path

a way to relax;

those moments of indifference

when we are enlightened

we understand they just don’t have a capacity

to care,

those are probably the purveyors

of shadows

creeping back in allowing my state of mind

to remind me of that moment

in algebra class

thirty years ago

when Meg motioned my way,

and I walked up

to the most beautiful girl in the room

and she laughed and gestured to the bestie

behind me,

in my row,

where my shadows suggested

take the leap

and we will all enjoy



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