Posted: June 21, 2014 in Poetry
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A young girl in the distance standing alone

“distance – an amount of space between two things or … people”


Objects are one thing

cars, nice houses, boats, cruisers, a harley-davidson

but oh that people shit

shuts us down every time

well maybe not all

those of you found the secret,

keep it,

lock it away

and don’t let anyone

create a tone

in your mind that tells you

‘it just ain’t so’

because it probably is.

There is just a distance between the two of us

that won’t go away with flowers or smiles

I can cross the room and meet the wall

and the only way that wall ever goes away

is if

only I

well, sometimes with your help

take a sledgehammer to its mortar.

After all,

that mortar shit,

the stuff that seals each building block

that can break apart you know

careful planning and a material collector

and all that shit gets hauled to the dump.

Of course, the dump,

that’s a bit of



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