Posted: June 21, 2014 in Poetry
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Irene Sheri “Cafe Moments”


your eyes

catch me looking

well you pegged me

I meant to be classy

I mean sort of woo you

but then it happened so fast when

you stood up wearing sinewy blood red and

your ass alive, shimmer, delicious, I mean I awoke

only to watch you ignore me again, walk

out the door, beverage in your hand

your smile I could see reflecting

in the window away outside

you thought I didn’t

notice your smirk

loved again


When I see you

I am in a perpetual

state of arousal

sometimes explosive

others tame

yet still they rise

or settle again.

I can’t really tell

if you can see me

because its a game

you and I here

we cannot have

each other

yet I know I

want you with me

instead I imagine

and you walk away.


‘right now’

your words echo

standing over me bold

my arousal out of hand

your fingertips wrap around mine strong

pulling surreal, hands sensual tease my mind

against a wall, you take me strong, raised skirt

So lost in passion, explosive, unbridled, I come inside.

“do you want more coffee?’

the barrister holds your smirk.

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