Wild release

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Poetry
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We will now venture in

leaving everything behind

our lives will beckon the wood

as our salvation

our protector

though we have walls

and a good stove

to protect us from the elements

there is that modern society

that exists just acres away.

That is the beauty of the wood,

a hiking trail and forgotten time

and gravel turns slowly to brush and marsh

moss laden trees and maples for miles

Our opportunity to walk into the wood

cannot be taken away

we must allow the poignant 

crossing of human mechanical drone

to the natural grasses that hold the keys

the solution and the answer

to why we exist at all.

When we glance at nature

there is nothing sexualized about the elements

yet, without some surreal interaction

our woods would not connect

our woods could not speak with their sudden beauty

hanging arches, and quiet hidden covers

romantic interludes

between water and soil

we are simply visitors

they have danced long before

our Merrells, and Birkenstocks

tread their laden paths.

  1. So beautiful, thank you for sharing your poetic thoughts.


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