In The Woods

Posted: June 24, 2014 in Poetry
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Settle in

picture a newly lit wood stove,

certainly nothing concrete for miles,

the dog with toy exploring a squeak

finding a nap on the floor.

She has put everything away

he sitting watching

he wants to take her

wondering if those moments might exist;

then that token


becomes a possibility,

lean over and take the book away

take her glasses off

let her smile, while he glides on top of her

she may look stunned


Touch, breasts rise in his hands

her look still surreal

eyes begin to roll back

as she realizes this is happening

erection growing in his thighs

while sliding inside fabric

envelops her buttocks

real and fast and together

we are taking in the woods

and realizing our natural urges are here

and drawn together.


Did the book really matter?

the dog laying by wagging

while they made love

continued to play with her toy

while her two master’s

explored one another

in a dim light of wood fire.

Nature’s task

had drawn a passion

unlike anything they had noticed


yet today

her desire needed urging

a confident touch

that told her

I love you tonight.


We did


in the woods

Beethoven joined us

the 9th Ode seemed to parallel

a magic inside our sensual journey

a choir of angels suckled our breath

as we engaged, new positions

with every turn, our body together,

she talking of triceps and he of nipples taut

every taste, caress, centering …


We did now lay spent


we realized

how important this touch

desire, passion, every fingertip

that searched with new found

desire to explore our journey

how vital it now seemed that our minds

remain carefully sheltered

from the concrete, unbridled and free,

in the woods.


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