Mixed Signals

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Poetry
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I was taking a morning walk

when I suddenly came across

a sort of antique boardwalk

many steps were now moss.


seemed there was activity

that measured the length of day

we could all use such brevity

when we are lost finding our way.


The human condition is so alive

with desire and passion and verve,

we will forever in our eyes strive

to be right without calling one’s nerve.


The other day I wanted you to move

in the direction I had quietly hoped,

instead I observed you find your groove,

didn’t then include me at all, I moped.


Appearances are always deceiving

when one wants the other.

We are not able to step inside anything

when our own desire is a bother.


Yeah, those mixed signals baby

they are enough to stop a moving train,

and I can’t just easily say maybe

not when it stares me in my eyes, urbane.


Wish I were shy we wouldn’t have to try

Lovely is the sky on a brilliant sheen of cry

I would love your commentary

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