On Whining

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Poetry
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Tick, the second hand is audible

serving a purpose

allowing the mind to lock in

to time, the measure of today.

He found he only wanted his moment,

that nothing else mattered

if not for the reality of

human nature,

he might be lost in the chaos.

Yet, the same pictures exist

outside of his arena

a young family,

husband and wife and toddlers

both asking lovely child-like questions

with answers real,

not cover-ups but genuine passion.

We talk about a whining child,

that audible reality holds no candle

to the adult mind-set

of a partner wronged,

wronged by desires outside of their control

wronged by their own vanity

wronged by just what is so wrong

that ill met


that self-depracating


that life-breathing

dragon of expectation –

a standing ground of driven agenda

that satisfies no one beyond

the sole wine-maker

tending to their orchard,

miles and rows of vineyard of self-loathing.

We all do desire a tutorial on passing judgment

We all could respond to lessons on whining.

I would love your commentary

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