Posted: June 28, 2014 in Poetry
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we are

back here again,

trying to figure out

what this sex shit is

truly about.

I mean

when I am in that coffee-shop

is it really about getting in your pants

or perhaps

am I just wanting to imagine that


because when it gets down to it,

we will have to shower,

maybe together

maybe not

when I am in that coffee-shop

can I watch how you move

and let that be enough

or do I have to satisfy that urge

by touch

kiss, tease, taste, caress

linens that arouse your skin

when I move my fingertips across a nipple

while your eyes look for my next move.

I remember watching your glance

when my hand moved between your legs

I was searching and you were observing

I always think that maybe it was you wondering

if I would get to that spot that you knew

would change the momentum of the afternoon.

We were children then, well ‘barely seventeen’

When I am in that coffee-shop

is it your eyes, or your beautiful ass

that has my attention

moves me away from the facade of a computer screen

to really imagining the soft delicacy of what stays

so neatly wrapped in your relaxed fit jeans.

Is that really what sex is all about?

then why the confusion!

  1. 1ManView says:

    Exactly … Nicely written …


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