Just Kidding

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Poetry
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I think ‘I love you’

worked a few times

three words

How many opportunities

are based upon just words

in eyes, searching

with hands, parting drifting bangs

tender fingertips

( I really need to make love … )

I remember one time

we had played

for weeks

quiet interludes

lips on skin

searching with passionate release

and the afterward …

g’nite, we’ll do this again

and we did

you did, I did, she did, many did,

and the afterward …


we search for love

in a semantic interlude

our clothes come off

naked we become steam and fire,

passion, lust, a desire so delicious

we forget why, suddenly strong …

I remember how your eyes

sparkle in the night sky

when certain words draw you close to me.

‘I love you’

speaks deception

until our lives share love.

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