Small Steps

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Poetry
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I stand just a step away

your eyes a watery mist

delicious pouty lips

like a wave, breeze

soft petals float

buttons glide open

your lips part

with a smile

as hands reveal

a trace of

your beauty

blouse reveals


I am without words

so happy to reach out

to silent touch

pulling fabric off shoulders

your arms relax

letting my eyes

search for elegance

delicious humanity

naked nipples

seem to rise at sight

my hands

not hurrying but


small steps

now slide tender

caress along your waist

inside your falling

shadow select.

My eyes are wonder

your vulnerable

willing, wanton

letting your lips

rest upon my shoulders

while my fingertips drive

fiery hot skin

playing the garments

silk slide inside

a gasp passes

sweet upon the edge

asking now pleading

lips part for a

natural bite of my shoulder

yes, they have found you

grasping, spreading

and pulling you into me

into you, into a world

of passion, free abandon

We are making love

this isn’t sex

every pass of my eyes

sees only new desire

only a wish

only a need to

trace and explore

all of you,

while I lift my head

off a savory wet nipple

your eyes reach inside me

say yes, yes, yes I will

let you enhance my world.

  1. Veronica says:

    Very nice. That’s good.


  2. This is excellent…very sensual.


  3. 1ManView says:

    A very seductive piece….


  4. Totally agree with the lines in the middle, that this is making love, not having sex. A sensual flow to this, with the eyes, lips, unbuttoning, loving. Gorgeous movements.


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