Property Rights

Posted: July 5, 2014 in Poetry
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With each line that echoes ownership

I wonder really about tacit desire

If she were to stand up beyond his words

would that her ownership be denied.

So often I imagine the mistreated lass

whose caught in the mindset of abuse

to feel drawn by that passion

though it may never last

leaves nothing to the imagination to excuse.

Some maniacal desire to call property rights

no matter the bond, the paper, the testament

no human being can be referred to as ‘mine’

without recognizing their own consent, their desire

Perhaps the sub might give to the master

but when that ship sails can they really imagine

their life without their own inclination

to be independent of another’s wrath.

Our property rights may be material gains

yet always know our independent soul remains.

  1. Wow, this touched me on a profound level. My soul reverberates every syllable, wow.


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