Please, Don’t Touch

Posted: July 6, 2014 in Poetry
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For then the moment will be gone

beyond the vision of our longing,

if we cross paths and step apart

we might then know we have intrigue.

Yet cross that path that we sustain

become the aggressor and make the turn,

we then commit to losing ourselves

and becoming part of what were a dream.

For when I look at you in the evening sun

I only imagine beauty and nostalgia,

the stuff that Hepburn and Tracy made

familiar in the eyes of all that knew longing.

When I glance upon you there today

in the setting of your choice and stance,

I imagine having you clearly, strong and quickly

upon the wall, maybe across a table, on the chair.

Oh, to know the beauty of what we cannot have

that spirals beyond our initial notions,

oh to have the ability to touch and persuade

the actions of a delicate flower whose petals

we will design to emote a certain grace of light,

damp with the touch of our desire, we lose

ourselves in the moment of their spiritual

reckoning, that human condition, passion


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