Stand With Me

Posted: July 6, 2014 in erotica
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Her eyes glanced knowing

she felt her skin come alive

the fabric of her dress teased her ass

she left her home feeling the temptress

leaving underwear off and abandon

knowing they would look

letting them wonder

nipples peaked in silk

and for only a moment

she thought of that shelter

feeling the anticipation

so they might see her excitement real

just then he stepped into her with hands

grasping her hips to align his erection

inside the gentle parting of her buttocks

a pencil dress danced upon her arousals

as his lips found her neck

teasing her nakedness, she knew now

she was alive in his hold

feeling only release she reached her hand

and pulled his head upon her shoulders

wishing his fingertips would find her breasts.

instead a hand had begun lifting her skirt

the time would not be long

before her locked knees would open a world

for his passion to have free entry.

she stood strong, glanced behind …

the barista handed her a coffee

and she walked away

leaving the lone man standing in line

to anticipate another day, another time.

  1. A sensual and dreamlike passage, how she was ready for tempting by going without underwear and making the man in the line behind her also dream.


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