Insomniac Drivel

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Poetry
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Remember when you believed

that moment, such inspiration

you wanted to scream to the world

“I figured it out”

and let them all listen and hear

but maybe,

just think about it,

perhaps the only motive

was to get in her …

well she was a delightful siren

with her red locks that drew your eyes

twisting around in bangs while fingertips

played with their curls in your eyes

you really did

just want to

all that silent

revelry meant to shine

in her eyes

so you might

than grasp a piece of her …

ask  me now whether there is reason

to have a brilliant delight in life

if not, than what is the matter

that draws our desire beyond

our normal capacity,

that shot it out of the park reality

you do know now what it means, right

knocked it out of the park?

sort of speak,

I wanted that too,

I guess,

but if you really come close and ask

I wanted that more than anything else.

I would love your commentary

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