Morning Mania

Posted: July 7, 2014 in Poetry
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I woke wondering if I could

last night,

she triggered the notion

a story,

two souls driving each other’s passion

typical setting, typical outcome

that is not typical by standards

yet, certainly rings true in my mind,

that one I don’t share,

the one always tucked away to protect the …

myself really.

for isn’t that what we do most often

dissuade the attention from our skin

allow people to think otherwise.

I am alone today,

and no one knows what is in my mind

I make eye contact though and that causes wonder

or me to wander away from my sanity

into that rather dark place

the one that holds my innermost desires, passions

need to release,

then in the moment

when you look at me

can you see it,

do you feel it or just see it.

If I released my fears in a tangible way

how would they look crossing the room

interweaving and enveloping everyone around me.

Instead, I perch quietly in my human repose

waiting out my morning mania.

I would love your commentary

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