Afternoons in Jeans

Posted: July 14, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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We were young and foolish

as trite as it sounds it was delicious

skipping class,

making love,

she told me one day

she’d been wearing her jeans

for 7 days.

I looked at her legs,

the sweet curve of her buttocks

the way the waist of her jeans

gapped her ass so my hand could slide in free

I could see her center well coiffed and tucked

inside the button up access held by a thin gold belt

I ran my hand up her inner thigh and found her heat

she chuckled

moved her breast toward my mouth

every curve, every nuance

sunlight dropped into the breezeway

while the rattle of the chimes

disguised our audible gasps

while I slowly entered her world,

I glance across the room,

a pair of jeans in love with legs.

  1. A beautiful thought, of the jeans in love with legs. With some legs, how could they not be in love?


  2. thruthemist says:

    This took me back several years to lovely memories! Thank you…:)


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