Posted: July 14, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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Her eyes glance, smiling,

her efforts are to take you on

a journey.

Close your eyes

let the scent of the moment

drive your mind

towards bluer sky.

That brilliance cannot

simply exist

without having effort

to color the lines

to trace soft, the wet droplets

along receptive heat driven

vehicles of love.

Desire rises

in her lips, eyes closed

seeking essence.

Let fingertips arrive

with caress in long flowing rivers

of delicious design.

That world inside your

quiet mind, is thriving

upon the grace of her desire.

Look around you

watch the skies explode

when in that moment

her entire effort

is only to bring the sunlight

gleaming upon you

to glean with the sweet moisture

of submissive love.

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