Searching for Desire

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Poetry
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The faces are quite the same

in sunlit circumstances.

Walking astride soft movement

seems similar, a human response.

Cross a threshold

to discover

many faces glance with furtive



Yet, slowly, they return

to another world

they create together and alone.

The sojourn is exciting,

thrilling in fact, when enticement

provides scintillating results.

A peek, a glance, a delicious grin

might accentuate the beauty,

quiet elegance travels desire.


Inside your world

I wonder if you wander

with designs upon

souls you may encounter.

How will a dancer’s

emotion arouse your eyes,

pique an internal ideal,

safely tucked away

in pleated slacks upon dedicated blouse.

Or, perhaps a notion,

a glint of sparkle in windows

might evolve,

may criss-cross emotions

that seek …


Inside a day,

our travels return

to a single place,

that ‘concrete jungle’

becomes a prevalent

reality that battles

our, your, her, my, his,

sensuality together.

The search moves along slow –


  1. I am really enjoying your progression of word play and imagery within the imagination and the setting. I am finding myself looking forward to your next piece as each becomes deeper in meaning and movement. Well done sir and thank you for sharing your trek with the rest of us.


  2. Enjoyed reading this.


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