One Hundred Miles Ago

Posted: July 18, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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We did connect that day

when phone lines let us play

young teens looking to win

a radio game one day.

When dialing and dialing

there wasn’t the buzz of busy,

no ringing phone to await,

just only,

this well sort of,

a … breathing.

I said hello and to my shock

I heard you say the same,

and pretty soon the radio game

paled to our rather delicious world.

We were in the twilight,

two lonely voices

sharing a spectacular second.

Our conversation shattered

the late night hours,

many topics

eventually turning …

your inner thighs,

my certain girth.

I told you everything I would do,

you gasped in your ‘submissive’ manner

soft moans … provided me a picture

one I could visualize right there in the moment.

They called this the party line – a glitch,

I called it a little bit of saucy bliss.

Back then my fantasy was just getting started,

I cannot imagine what we might do today!

I would love your commentary

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