Quiet Ride

Posted: July 20, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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What is more exciting,

the knowing or the event itself

We’ve all had sex,

well I hope we have

perhaps a few exceptions

those that I sometimes envy.

How many have done it

in the guest bedroom

while meeting the parents.

Same routine

same setup

all foreplay

but no sound

is the excitement the forbidden

we’re not married yet

but I’m going to bang you into soft pillows

while mom sips her tea just outside the room

before finishing her crossword

and going to bed.

The excitement is not the fear of being found

rather the beauty of silence in orgasm

watching your eyes breathe in heavily

the impact of every thrust

while your hands grab mattress end

and your mouth that wants to scream

suckles the soft fabric of cotton,

still breathing, when done

turning back on your side, smiling

and holding me in your arms

you in my arms, letting a chuckle

emanate ever so slightly,

and wondering to myself

whether she might smile in her cup of tea.

I would love your commentary

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