How ‘Bout a Beer?

Posted: July 22, 2014 in Poetry
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For there I was

a man with a gift

in his own eyes

and no-one else

yet in the public eye

we all have a facade

to live by

sometime openly

and often discreetly.

I stood at the bar

she looked at me

I gave her a nervous smile

tried to pretend otherwise

and she was gone, again.

Perhaps if I had strolled

nearby, so she might let me

touch her


perhaps then my words

‘I want to take you home with me’

would have come much easier

than they did

standing solo with a halo.

I got into my car

thought about where

time was limited

the magic hour

between hanging out

or safely going home,

was crossing the mind

of ingenues everywhere

you could feel the city

moving to the next stage

already clothes removed

back seats drafty in the cold

as warmth became heat

became lost in the night,

yet, there were others

with me now

We sat in proximity,

occasionally making

eye contact

that usually said out-loud,

yea, it kinda sucks.

How ’bout a beer?

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