Miles and Notions

Posted: July 22, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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We walk similar paths

along suburban avenues

typical lives

delightful ties.

Our world allows

a fantasy driven reality,

much like an exchange

on the other side of the world

so might close encounters

occur in vanished skies.

Touch me

I feel your warmth

Tease me

a yearning passion

Walk my fingertips

along your inner thigh

while my words allow

your lips to draw streaking skies

beyond the certainty of distance.

Trust your internal desire

and behind your eyes

I will appear

restless and only satisfied

inside your elegance,

rum-soaked and discreetly vague

what might run through my mind

will occur for you in a quiet time.

There is delicious opportunity

knowing our interlaced muse

might reach out for inspiration

just beyond touch, yet fully engaged.

The miles will … notions.

I would love your commentary

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