That Other Place

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Poetry
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In that other place

my words are kind

dressed with a certain dignity

to allow favor in society

Even then

on occasion

they are sideways driven

like a knife through ribs

at a holiday celebration.

But, here we can

allow callousness and derision

In here I can be an asshole

and spew my venom about the room.

Just have to wonder though

how possible is it to be evil

when sometimes it is true

we are inherently good?

That question,

that thought of character

the driving force

that seems to search

endlessly for our soul.

That piece of us

seems distant when angry

yet when peace arrives

seems so attainable.

Tonight, tomorrow, last year,

and when I was twelve,

I became angry,

and within the smiles, and cheeky eyes

the angst remains over here.

  1. It is in the struggle to understand and bring these concepts into balance that we become who we are. in the now.


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