Slow Rise

Posted: July 24, 2014 in erotica
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ยฉRoz Stendahl

Night time interruptions

conversation simple

his hand plays with the ribbon

a facade sewn near the middle

where when breasts firm are held

a soft cleavage looks inviting

he speaks quiet words while a fingertip

travels along her skin reaching the fray

of worn ribbon and he realizes …

the time has come

she needs a new throw

to feel as sexy as she is right now.

– honey do list in tact –

but he digresses; now continues to run along

the underside of her breasts

using a little friction on the soft cotton

to sweet, tease a nipple …

her smile is inviting

she lays back comfortable, secure.

his mouth catches her shoulders

he smiles knowing she has no idea.

Her eyes would not be wrong in knowing soon

their sensuality would lead to easy spooning.

Tonight his hand slid down her stomach

began to explore the fabric that played her need,

fingertips rolling along lips, searching.

At one point bringing his fingertips to his mouth

tasting woman

reaching inside again with much ease,

her gasps begin,

a slow rhythm as he tries to find her

knowing on occasion her rise indicates

he is close

he remembers and plays within that spot,

reaching with fingertips and drawing her lips

close in soft grip

to accentuate that rhythm that now has found


He lays back left hand leaning on his elbow

watching her writhe while he brings desire

to new levels, somewhere she hasn’t been for a time,

so this delicious tease becomes entirely real.

So drawn is she by this caress,

her hand seeks out his readiness,

her rhythm is the love she feels with his hand.

He smiles to himself knowing he is bringing her close

and watches as slowly she bucks, pushing, wanting

laughing while her head rolls back and forth,

thighs clasping his soaked hand.

He nuzzles near her neck, kisses her softly,

‘good night sweet’

she has to work in the morning after all.

He listens for her quiet sighs as

he departs the room only hoping to

allow dreams to begin.

  1. I love the way this flows, like the curves of her body and the lines in this poem.


  2. Sensual Desires says:

    Beautifully sensual write.


  3. Very nice, very gentle and loving and that makes it intensely sensual. Thank you for sharing it.


  4. 1ManView says:

    A slow visual read of sensuality.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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