Inside Your Eyes

Posted: July 26, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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skin upon skin

sensory exercise in sensuality

together we trace our arousal

legs intertwined, hands exploring

timeless caress of each other’s

burning fire, kindled then fueled

in wet, silk threads, penetrating

a hidden room from the world outside,

a noisy fan with blades strobed sunlight

illuminates a couple writhing,

bodies trying with desperate love

to overcome the other, firm hands

grinding hips, wet tongues unleashed

upon one another, simply sex,

delicious love.

Only quiet adjustments and soft moans,

gasps and beautiful breath drawn screams

of pleasure that allow just that desire

to build to lose all sense of real

inside each other’s eyes when occasional

glances are found,

looking to see if his eyes are open

watching, or closed, lost in love …

Throughout a spiraling afternoon,

sheets occasionally drawn back

when love-making has paused

and naked sweat cools in hot afternoon,

resting, relaxing, yet relenting

to begin again soon, so delightfully soon …

eyes engage and passion alights

skin upon skin

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