Awake to Her Eyes

Posted: July 27, 2014 in erotica
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On this sun-streaked morning,

I heard you move,

I pretended not to stir,

waiting for you to return.

Arms reached around me,

pulling me,

a simple chuckle,

and I awoke to capture a nipple

with my searching mouth

an immediate gasp, fingertips play my hair

as my tongue and wet lips searched for more,

oh to have the beauty of your soft skin

await me each morning, night, afternoon,

stroll around the kitchen island.

I found your breasts, and matched their attention,

with slow flits of my tongue

letting my mouth spill love across them

my hands sweeping their slick arousal,

while legs quickly swept below

to notice you had given yourself to me,

there would be no deciding upon fabric or skin,

your nakedness spoke to me

as I felt your body convulse at the notion that soon,

my tongue would move upon …

Stirrings began throughout the morning sweet air,

as each touch I gave you is returned upon my desire,

my even rhythm to bring your passion home,

is met by your firm stroke to accompany me on this,

our sexual fantasy become reality

as bodies intertwined, interlaced, entered and subsided,

until common thrusts that became our

only recourse, to find each new manner of entrance,

received with eye rolling pleasure.

This morning we would make love for hours,

nothing else is needed in this moment.

  1. abichica says:

    wow! a morning like this is just wonderful.. i love this. 🙂


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