Parking Lot Breeze

Posted: July 29, 2014 in Poetry
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More of an idle sweep

a head-bobbing indeed,

from a distance

bodies moving

occasional glance

while drifting through the lot,

vague yet enticing

until eyes connect

she sees him with a pause

smiles, draws her fingertips

along bruised lips

a taste me furtive glance

and she disappears.

Her desired face is hidden

in a visor, but if he stands long enough

he’s sure to watch his six-pack shudder.

She’s back again,

thankfully, the man glances intently,

she smiles again eyes on him,

then cast down and disappears.

At this point her passion is rhythm

no eye contact as she travels,

passion rolling upon her lips

as she envelops his entire cock,

feeling his push, hands guiding, forcing her,

then once,

she glances up again to see if he

still watches,

she smiles,

time to walk away …

let the shuddering storm begin.

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