Yum Day

Posted: August 3, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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I want a yum day

simple, sweet,

perhaps you walk over

take off your blouse,

sweep aside

the touch of a naked nipple

brush my sleeve,

knowing your eyes have passion,

I am safely aroused,

so delicious

you wanting my touch,


Oh, yes that will draw me,

fingertips on my jeans,

deftly adjusting my cock

‘lovely’ you say as you grace

my shaft inside the fabric,

my arm is sensual

with the constant brush of your nipple

while you begin to stroke me.

A look in your eyes and I feel

delightful with your pleasure

wanting to give me passion,

wanting to bite my cock gently

through my jeans feeling the fabric

straighten my desire

with patience,


will you open my ‘pants’

with teeth or fingertips …


  1. A fantastic title, and tantalizing poem to live up to the Yum 🙂


  2. Nice visual of spontaneous sex..


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