Why The Stage

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Poetry
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Another day became so real

trying to get it right

answering to my confusion

why the stage, what matters

that we are all subject

to the lights and eyes

to the lights and I’s

to the need to see our lives

displayed upon a …



Why me, would you ask

at this given moment,

what is it about this look

that drives you to a frenzy?

What if tomorrow

I were a a completely different


with not nearly the passion

this look today has given,



Are we not all spectators

of our own moment,

do we decide upon a look,

a smile,

a posture,

beyond the notion,

that feigned, over-driven


to the human condition,

the constant derision,

the need to climb out of the abyss;


the stage

I would love your commentary

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