Marriage & Boundaries (part 6)

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Essays, Poetry
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Well, it has been a while and time I create a new installment. Things were taking a positive change during my last writing, and I am happy to say our lives continue to move forward. Perhaps I should rename this passage, ‘exploring new options … together.’

However, I’m going to stray a little bit and talk about the summer. As I have said before I am extremely thankful of the many ‘blog relationships’ that have occurred with my involvement in this blog world. I know people with very similar interests to my own. I have engaged in scintillating conversation, while recognizing the impulsive yet, wide open nature of the blog lifestyle (if you can call it that). I originally began this blog because I wanted to touch on the sensual side of my writing, to openly and freely write about erotica. Some of the writing initially turned into what I would call soft-porn, nothing ever really clicked. That said, there were many pieces I felt really captured the fantasy world I live in, and allowed me to speak to some of those fantasies in a safe and delightful venue. At the same time, as I put my work on and read the volumes of tremendous work here, a couple of you know who you are, I also discovered new found passions for my wife. The more I wrote the more the material has seemed geared toward her and I am happy with that outcome.

So now here we are, the end of summer is upon us – I feel a Don Henley song coming – and it is time to move forward as my free-time wanes and in the professional daylight, my responsibility increases rather quickly. Thus I will not have as much time to play here. I have discovered things about myself here, I have learned nuances about a few of you. I have discovered a friendship here that I do hope will move far beyond our summer intrigue. Finally, I have discovered my spouse again, and as we celebrate our years together, I can honestly say the fires have come alive.

If you recall, the last time I wrote here, I talked about our sexual exploits together.

a week at the cabin

So, last time I spoke of the cabin, I mentioned our sex life had come alive, but was still not where I wanted. I also touched on the idea that things were moving in the right direction yet there was still some confusion. Well, we returned to the cabin for another week of relaxation and sex. Yes, indeed, our rituals began as soon as I lit the natural gas of the cabin, and we had put away all of our supplies. I then grabbed my spouse by the arms – gently of course and pulled her against me with her back upon my chest. She was chuckling and not really sure what was happening. Saving the details, we were soon in position with her splayed over the dining room table and me grasping her hips in full motion. This was new to us, this was spectacular, this is where we belong, and for the next five nights, we went to bed this way, and woke up the morning in the same manner. Amazing.

We are home now, and the physicality of our relationship has not waned. In fact, we are now working on ‘every room in the house’ something we should have done 10 years ago, yet, there was always something standing in the way. I have to say lately I have come to believe, that obstacle has been me.

Our boundaries are strong, our marriage is on fire. I bid you all good night.



  1. R says:

    This just made my night. Bravo!


  2. Veronica says:

    Well done, and good luck. Hoping for many more sexul years ahead for you.


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