That Dichotomy Thing

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Poetry
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We all somehow figured it out

one day

we woke to the sounds of

making love

whether visual or audio,

somewhere along the way

the discovery occurred,

and it is what we wanted.

So now the truth is out there,

we all want it,

whether we pretend or not.

So let’s break down the barrier

recognize the tools of trade,

exist for everyone’s satisfaction,

at least that is what society makes us,

makes believe, make believe,

makes us believe.

Do not let me stop you please

yes, please oh indeed,

do that thing you do to me.

Stop trying to make me understand

stop waiting,

stop hurrying,

watch my eyes, and know my meaning,

don’t ask me to tell you why.

just do that thing to me,

that dichotomy thing.

I would love your commentary

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