Teachers, Sex, Privilege & Common Societal Misconceptions – An Opinion

Posted: October 5, 2014 in a commentary
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© REUTERS/Kenner Police Department/Handout Rachel Respess (L) and Shelley Dufresne are seen in a combination of undated photos released by the Kenner Police Department in Kenner, Louisiana.

© REUTERS/Kenner Police Department/Handout Rachel Respess (L) and Shelley Dufresne are seen in a combination of undated photos released by the Kenner Police Department in Kenner, Louisiana.

I wrote this piece as a reaction to the events above, not as much to condone or support anyone involved, but more to respond to how our society perceives sexual mores when they involve children!

I’m writing this in the sheer twilight of a Saturday night. Again, I have spent the night searching for purpose, and quite frankly my left hand is a little sore. Yeah, that’s humor, juvenile as it may seem, but for a lot of you out there, suddenly you had to pause for a minute and say, ‘well that’s kind of true.’ Actually, it is a story that many men are familiar with, and a secret a lot of them carry to their grave. Some manage to find balance with it, and occasionally crack jokes about it with their male peers, each one reflecting in quiet wonder as to whether Fred or Jeffrey may actually do it as much as themselves. For me, I’m clear that it is frequent, but I would rarely admit that to anyone, quite frankly, not even my wife. What I will admit is probably the most disturbing point of this commentary. Nothing, I won’t admit anything at all.

Instead, I’ll make light of a real issue. Let’s talk about the case of two women recently arrested in Louisiana for arranging and following through with a tryst that involved a 16 year old male, and they being 23 and 33, respectively. The older one had three children and a husband at home, and with her friend she performed a classic threesome with a teenage boy. Not fired up yet? Well, yeah, I know, you’re probably getting aroused. Unfortunately this story takes a sad twist away from eroticism and toward realism.

The problem is the two young women are teachers. Yeah, that pretty well alters the issue of value and moral compass kind of pallor doesn’t it? Oh, and the caveat is the 16 year old was a male student of theirs at the high school they are both licensed to teach in. Now you see where I’m going with this right? Nope, wrong, you still don’t get the angle.

Before I go further how many of you were thinking, damn, lucky kid. I bet you wished that happened to you when you were his age right? The opportunity to be with two attractive women, together, at the same time. Why, I kind of want to explode on the spot. I bet a few of you might in a few minutes, once you stop reading this and start searching for the real thing at your local, favorite, instant flick site online. But, you do that and we are right where we began, and you still haven’t any clue why I cried last night. And that is the point.

I cried last night, because I am tired of being wrapped up in the same cycle of physical self aggrandizing behavior that so many of us are caught up in and are willing to shuck off as just human nature rather than address the real issue. I cried last night because most of the men I have encountered in the commentary surrounding the action of these two women have done nothing but applaud the opportunity and actions of this, uh, ‘talented’ young man. I wept last night because I realized I am just like everyone else and I am tremendously tired of this vicious cycle my life has evolved into for the last several decades. I am tired of joking about the ignorance and ill-regard we have for our young people in today’s society when it comes to sex.

There is that powerful word, sex. See the real issue here is that we are too lazy to look at the reality of this situation, and more readily apt to just pass it off as an indiscretion that occurred between two consenting adults and a young teenager, almost old enough, or in some states old enough to give consent to the actions of his irresistible cock. However, most of you are still not getting my point!

The problem lies in the fact that these two women are teachers. Yes, these two women are professionals. Yes, these delicious young ladies are licensed to ‘protect’ and not abuse our children. And like it or not people, they abused our young man, who sits in his classroom desk every morning creating yet one more fantasy about watching his teacher slide her skirt up her thighs for his eyes only. Damn, the stuff of movies.

So when I thought about this very unfortunate incident that occurred in Louisiana the other day, I didn’t as much worry about the two women, I didn’t even really concern myself with the young boy’s welfare. I thought of myself. I thought of how on a daily basis I objectify women in my every walk of life, whether it be going to the grocery store when I know all of the neighborhood hotties are stocking up for the week – Sunday nights gentlemen – or sitting in church watching the ass of some delightful churchgoer churn in the bench right before me for 20 minutes tomorrow morning.

I thought of how many days of my life I have spent manipulating women to meet my needs in today’s sexually driven society, knowing whatever values were instilled in my life as a child, they all went clearly out the window, the minute any one of you began to willingly unwrap your legs for my wanton eyes. At that notion, I laid on my couch and tears fell. I was exhausted. For too many years I had remained preoccupied with the same, and I just didn’t have the energy to go any further. I wasn’t giving up, as much as asking for some quiet sympathy, a reprieve perhaps from the many chances I’d given myself and continued to fail with. I was tired.

I came to realize that the problem exists with me, and my own thinking. I realized I need to recognize my own contributions to the society that laughs of the ills of two young women in a professional setting who shirked their credibility for hedonistic pleasures, and I might as well have been standing in the room holding the camera.

Please society I am asking you to give pause to your quick off the cuff remarks that continue to support and fuel our ‘good ol’ boy’ society – the one that constantly abuses women for the pleasures of their skin. There is no reason to believe this young man will not continue to brag about his exploits long after the media and novelty of the situation has left his front yard, court cases are settled, and disjointed lives move forward. But think about this. Will that kid be a messed up adult male 30 years later that continues to brag about his sexual exploits after years of objectifying women, including his own wife, until finally one day he puts a barrel to his head because he can’t stand to live with himself any longer? Anything is possible.

I’m 16, with a chance to have sex with two hot women at the same time and they’re my teachers – yeah, it could happen. And then tell me, who am I going to listen to afterwards?

  1. Kelly says:

    Interesting, raw, and thought provoking perspective. Great post!


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