Mourning Mystique

Posted: October 18, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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When in that sweet second,

notions of you

soft, rise inside my dreams,

always there, i can count on seduction,

brings you next to me in quiet repose


Mindful, I search her valleys of fabric that caress

your wild abandon.

Suddenly last night,

you are with me, and our passion drives

our desires along a private canvas;

wet rains painting each other,

purposeful, drawn out legacies of tease,

arouse me as I lay waiting …


Your eyes seem open to watch

my every move, imagine the delight

delicious pained expression in climax.

I feel my own self rise to sweep

your sex upon me, when suddenly,

windows, only to recognize

surreal emptiness near by,

that somehow needs your return.


I wonder about you in where you are,

how you desire, will you turn to glance,

how might your memory serve your eyes.

I would love your commentary

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