That One Time

Posted: October 26, 2014 in erotica, Poetry
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When you said yes,

and I was there,

every piece of me with,


That one time,

when you readied me,

and I wanted to be there,

inside you.

When I stood in the corner,

and felt the pressure

so far deep inside

my mind, I could not breathe,

I could not have you there.

That one time,

I can still picture,

the moment when you appeared,

I can feel the blue satin against my

naked chest.

Still haunts me

feel a lasting grip

every day when I imagine

the love in your eyes,

was really, only then, just a

notion of desire

to have my passion undrawn

away from my world,

and have your hands

guide me inside you then,

just that one time,

oh that time,

in that moment

when I could have …

That one time.

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