Recalled Desires

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Poetry
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I with venom placed you in archives the other day,

I’m waiting patiently now for karma’s response.

I couldn’t help but say good-bye to all the fantasy

that drew your beauty to my eye.

Yet, I had to reflect upon a different time,

when I could smile your way and feel the same,

that time you understood my pain,

you slowly offered me your hand.


Now I’ve watched our lives evolve,

I know where I am today,

still happy with the memory of you

that I recall so silent in my world.

Yet, I am discarding that visual memory,

for when we leave, we no longer exist.


Yet, painful is the recent loss of

our connection.

Years of supporting one another’s motives,

knowing how to say yes to a ‘difficult’ time.

Our goals the same toward the innocent children,

guiding their way through society’s monstrous sea.

I have to think to myself,

this may have been a long standing burden,

one I pressed upon you for too many hours,

and now need let freedom take wing.


I am walking away and letting go

watch my life step aside with fears.

In time’s world there leaves the ego

that some times found, finds tears.

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