Words Cast Shadows

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Poetry
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For if in a mourning sun, we walk gentle

just two moving parts crossing the landscape

breathe in the sheltered autumn breeze

each step knowing tomorrow might change

the cadence of our step.


Could be natural or man-made

we are never completely sure,

how our lives move from a quiet solitude

toward fear and doubt, the memory of loss.


Each night the squalor remains evident,

bodies strewn across the decaying lawn

a stench of humanity in the air

wafts toward the pillars across the river,

where everyone watches – so they’ll feel better,

knowing the separation is evident,

yet, somehow always questioning,

whether their shadows do exist there

in the recesses of the infernal shelter,

concrete and ash mixed upon stoned walls

to mask harsh the human condition exposed.


We walk together tonight without words

knowing if we speak out loud,

the voices will carry themselves

into a world of shadows that doubt

their true purpose. Instead tonight,

that silence hides the pain. Walk soft,

the glance of mirrored lives dismissed.

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