Wild Abandon

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Poetry
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“Open your world and let me inside,”

while your hand guides me,

I’d imagined this scene so many times,

now tonight it was happening.

A simple conversation in a local bar,

a slide along thighs while the night ended

now has your hands cupping my balls.

I’m really too drunk to understand how,

but I know you are going to have me.

I’m happy like a child

knowing you will allow

my lips, my fingertips,

my thighs, my shoulders

to weave their way along your satin skin,

teasing you as my tongue builds the moment,

circling drawn nipples, that let me see you ache

with the passion of rolling eyes.

I love being able to roll back your eyes

with a simple touch, a taste,

feathers of a delicious tango

letting you rise in my mouth

until while enveloping you soft,

my free hand at that moment

thrusts your ass off the bed to engage

an erotic reckoning …

We cast wide open eyes,

the pleasure of your wild abandon.

  1. Sexy! Loved the part about enjoying being able to roll back his eyes 🙂


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