All My Life, Your Hands

Posted: November 20, 2014 in erotica
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You envelop me with your satire;

sweet, sensual, satisfying urges.

When I wake I imagine you are holding me

readying me,

tasting me,

its all about me and my desire for you.

and then I realize, again, holding my own,

I now visualize sweet erotica

that is you,

with your fingertips strolling along your lower back,

ready to knead your ass, while searching behind,

wet, desire,

who do you visualize.

i only wish it is me,

but I’m miles away,

remembering just how passionate your fingertips

could tease the nape of my neck.

Just that, only touch, that is all I have,

and have not received ever since.

Yet now, I will reach for you with my mind,

while I stroke my own fantasy,

I will hope that somewhere across the city,

you might lay spent and satisfied,

delicious in your state of mind,

The touch of your hands along your center

is what I have wished upon with the urge that followed,

all my life,

your hands,

all my life I am reaching for your talents,

your hands.

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