Me Inside

Posted: November 26, 2014 in erotica
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Eyes are shadows

kept secret from my world

as the people walk by, my thoughts

drift with constant desire,

a passion,

a lust,

a fascination

with your beauty.

Simple virtue to imagine

taking you in my arms,

while my lips explore every naked region of you,

letting your gasps take me where you wish me to land,

only waiting,

imagining how I might next arouse you …

the underneath of your knee cap with a wet tongue,

perhaps lips tease along the inside of your left arm,

and then,

your ear, wet with erotic desire to let chills run up the side of your

flowing hair that wraps inside my fingertips when readying myself

as my thigh dives between your legs, feeling your strength while a nipple

searches for my tongue that started along your own naked inner thigh,

we are both searching now, and I am lost in your aroma,

yearning, thrusting, tasting every lick of fire that is you …


I let your hands guide me …

me inside.

  1. Wow that’s an erotic, steamy amazing poem!! My type of poetry!! I loved it!!


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