Waiting Too

Posted: November 26, 2014 in erotica
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While you wait,

wondering if when,

glance my way,

what is it that attracts me to you,

Can you taste me,

will you unzip me,

as I sit here can you imagine

what is inside,

or are you just happy

knowing my tongue is traveling everywhere,

under your breasts letting your nipples wait,

along hot inner thighs

that in the moment of your fantasy,

have become aroused only, by the fabric

you chose this morning to feel


We could together

walk across the room,

let our bodies touch,

feel the fire that arises

when two desires connect

without glancing yet,

we know our bodies wish to intertwine

to take our time,

exploring every region.

soft and firm

we haven’t even begun to understand,

when the barrister dims the lights.

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