Giving Body Language a Day Off

Posted: November 27, 2014 in Poetry
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I would like to go outside today,

perhaps sit in a comfortable chair,

a deck chair of sorts,

my favorite local bistro.

Typically, when I am here,

you will readily appear

dressed to the nines in your fashionable

summer wear.

I like it when you wear a sundress,

a pair of delightfully tight shorts,

a pullover that accentuates your delight,

and thank God for leggings on the cool days.

Delicious is the word that comes to mind,

when I imagine the breeze lifting the fabric of your dress,

but please,

I do hope you wear a lingerie,

that piques my intrigue with a quick glance.

The blouse, the halter, the bathing suit,

all caress your body, as my eyes pour over you.

Oh my the leggings have me teasing every curve

in my mind,

while I sit here outdoors,

reading a newspaper,

knowing your distraction will compel

that human condition,

our visual competition,

to put all other thoughts aside.

I would love your commentary

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