Defining Passion

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Poetry
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I remember the day you told me

I was dumbfounded

while standing outside in the rain.

I remember imagining that life was too easy

for such a term to become so understood.

I remember first that embarrassment,

a chuckle,

a twisted mind moment,

and then the word became my vehicle.

So today,

I look for examples.

If I see two lovers strolling the avenue,

I imagine passion.

If I can hear a woman articulate her plans,

I understand passion,

When I watch man become a human being,

that then is their passion,

If I watch a writer lose themselves in their words,

I do know passion.

A frontman loses themselves in the delight of a jam,

pure passion,

If I watch a culture of people scream for their identities to be




My God,

indeed, that is a clear path toward

defining passion!

I would love your commentary

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