Ready to Delight

Posted: December 6, 2014 in erotica
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Did you look at her with those winsome eyes,

hoping she might want to let you inside.

Could it possibly happen, go for a ride,

if some way legs spoke suggestive sighs

Yes, I would

begin with lips,

soft, exploring,

teasing the underneath

while hands caressed


gathering urgency …

Her fingertips teased my neck,

gentle circles that began to slide

with ever increasing desire, kiss my lips

drew closer,

while my entire hand now

felt her inner thighs …

I knew, she knew, we didn’t have to play around,

we both sensed there would be a center

my tongue would tease,

at first

only to later draw circles

firm, directed …

now your hands are reaching,

I’m happy …

with ever growing



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