Love the Notion

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Poetry
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…of only imagining,

while I know my desire,

I wonder about you.

while I create a scenario,

would it include you,

As I feel my energy


I wonder if I could tell

if I might realize that her


if perhaps throughout the day,

she might feel the sudden urge

to touch,

to turn,

to move her inner thighs in a manner

that certainly lets her arousal masked

give pleasure,

sitting in posture.

Fingertips occasionally trace the naked skin,

that lies nearby a clinging fabric,

allows her senses to choose to come alive,

when she imagines

someone taking the time,

touching her lips,


choosing matters of garment

to slide gently around her,

to slide inside of you now,

would be the only option that

I might handle beyond

taking ahold of myself,

which I do, will do, want to

do you, when I do,

I will and need you,

to know, I …

I would love your commentary

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