A Little Diddling

Posted: December 22, 2014 in erotica
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“Yes, yes, yes, oh my Yes!”

a few of my favorite sounds,

that I can only imagine, when I pull up,

next to you,

on a sunny day.

The crisp light of the afternoon,

like a beacon upon your flush complexion.

A quiet demeanor, perhaps a glance,

yet, if you don’t like what you see,

just keep looking forward,

while fingertips do the magic you had planned,

on this autumn day

while the world builds with angst outside,

in the general public, our society continues to writhe,

little does anyone know the climactic outcome

of a casual drive home …

Yet, with the stoplight as my guide,

I’ve found you in the throes,

soft and kneading your center,

wet reminders slipping along your inner thighs,

a little bit of fever at the stoplight,

oblivious to those around while now your fingers work

a magic release you’ve fantasized about all morning.

Now its time, the green light suggests action,

let the rhythm of the drive bring you home.

Stoplight … I glance her way,

she turns and smiles,

soft lick of fingertips, delicious,

green light.

  1. What a sexy thing to do while waiting for the traffic light to change! 🙂


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