If I Could Put Into Words …

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Poetry
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A simple mystique

human nature,

standing statuesque before me, I glance

my desires awakened

symbolic curves and passionate glance

Which is first,

the eyes or the … ah,

soft features that help your eyes glow

a romantic fury,

that may I light, or will that allure

you see from my posture,

body language

desire, passion

my mind moves quickly to that erotic interlude

the one unfolding before me

your curves drawing soft lips,’

caress, I begin to travel every region of you

drawn as model of beauty,

garments I would use to tease, to set the tone,

I would

I want,

my yearning to be inside … your fantasy.

as you stand

completely accepting.every glance

I might ask you to shadow your beauty

to steal you away,

to draw your eyes to my lips.

I might then begin,

to put my words aside.

  1. Soft, sensual — I found this poem to be a beautiful caress.


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