Speaking to Depression

Posted: December 26, 2014 in Poetry
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Hello wall,

imaginary pressure

nearly within reach

yet, never visible,

always hidden from others,

lest your strength be weakened.

Travel with me


while I go forth ahead

seeking open doors,

perhaps the occasional crack

in your foundation.

For I know wall,

you cannot survive the storm

that torrent of inner strength

I know you have felt it before,

comes along like a setting sun

when we can notice

the light peeking through.

Hello wall,

I choose to see through your cracks today,

I like the view on the other side.

I only wish I knew how to get there,

without letting you rebuild your facade,

that invisible menace

that continues

always, seething, an insidious calling,

knocking on my door, again.

Hello wall!

I would love your commentary

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