Sweet Skin Taste

Posted: December 29, 2014 in adults only, erotica, Poetry
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Hands yearn to begin this journey,

when sweet silks slide soft

lips desire touch,

to caress, forever breathe passion

all become real

when she waits in elegance,

seductive posture,

arching her world for me,

a smile

showing me her need,

her beauty center,

garments gather in the middle of her back,

my hands reach, ankle,and back

while my lips trace wet pleasure

gathering close, my fingertips

want slow tease, while you chuckle

with slow soft gasps as I draw,

lips, touch, knead,circles, tongue,

my face damp, hands slide,

aroused skin, your body moves


Rock my face with her lovely design,

my tongue is hungry,

hands reach, slide to find

nipples waiting ready to be held,

while now my touch flits … center,

I only want to bring her home,

gasps now loud and unbridled

as your fingertips clench the edges

feeling desire touch, naked,

I will gather in her clit

swollen in my gentle teeth,

your travel in fantasy’s eyes.

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