Posted: December 31, 2014 in a commentary, adults only, Essays
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“Daddy, I need you.”

So enticing, so delicious. But today, I’m speaking of ‘daddy’ usage in a different venue. What is it about this word ‘daddy’ that bugs me so much when it is used in circles of sexual proclivity. I hear it so often and certainly would by lying if I said I didn’t want to be referred to that as well, if it means me getting underneath the dress of a beautiful woman; however I can honestly say, the term has never been spoken to me in hushed gasps in the throes of having sex, or making love. Yet, I hear it used so often in the D/s counter-culture, in the readings certainly here in these blogs, and the occasional reference in Craigslist or other back-page advertisements of sexual need, deviant desire, hidden secrecies of erotic pursuits.


‘I’m looking for my daddy’

‘young submissive delight needs her daddy’

Certainly the references will go on and on, and everyone is generally familiar with their context. For me, it raises the question of whether or not this feeds the denigration and view of women in our society today? I have read enough accounts of the D/s subculture to leave me quite intrigued and wanton of the opportunity to explore the lifestyle, the beautiful outcomes, the essence of delightfully submissive passion created through masterful desires and exploration is enough to make anyone curious, if not jealous of those that have embraced the lifestyle wholly without reservation. That said, I wonder though if everyone gets it, and if those that don’t lend to a more severely repressive and dangerous precedent toward the image of ‘woman’ in our society today. Certainly there can also be argument toward the reversal of gender roles in the practice as well.

To the outsider, that’s me unfortunately, I am worried about the term as it applies to women in our society. I love the idea of a woman getting down on her knees at my command, and exploring my sexual need with all the passion of an erotic goddess, but I worry about the men in our society that take advantage of the term and rather than recognize a woman for her sheer elegance, instead let the term permeate their already skewed objectivity of females in our society. I have tried to wrap my head around this since beginning blogging under this pseudonym, and I would be delighted to continue a dialogue on the subject.

In the end, I truly love women in all of their beauty, desire, compassion and sexual fire. There is nothing more attractive to me than the sight of a woman in the throes of a climax, whether I am observing or have the delightful opportunity to help provide that needed  level of stimulation toward orgasmic pleasure. Nothing comes close. I just wonder, and with respectful curiosity, pose the question to my community of bloggers.

Happy New Year to everyone. Be safe and positive with your energy as you close the door on simply, another day!

  1. Wet Bliss says:

    Hmm interesting post and question…Perhaps, at a later time (when at a PC) I will share my perspective. 😉 Happy New Year!


  2. Very nice post. Something that needed saying.
    I agree. “Daddy” always implies an “older” and ” wiser” man. Which is obviously not always true.
    It’s just another fantasy I suppose.


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